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Eye Care Services

We provide a comprehensive 360 degree assessment using the latest optometric technology to deliver quality eye care services for people of all ages. Diagnosis of conditions such as macula degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma, health conditions that affect the eye such as diabetes and blood pressure, and other ocular conditions.

We provide the full breadth of eye care services:

  • Prescription and supply of spectacles
  • Prescription and supply of contact lenses
  • Prescription and supply of orthokeratology lenses
  • Prescription of medication to treat common eye disease and infections
  • Referral to specialists where required
  • Behavioural optometry
  • Vision training
  • Quality eye wear – lenses, sunglasses and frames

Further Eye Care Services

  • Vision training
  • Behavioural Optometry
  • Vision Therapy
  • Sports and Vision
  • OCT
  • Glaucoma assessment
  • Visual Fields assessment
  • Low Vision assessment
  • Dry Eye treatment
  • Lid Hygiene