About Penry Routson Optometrists

About Penry Routson Optometrists

Penry Routson Optometrists have been providing highest possible quality in eyecare and eyewear services to our patients for over 35 years.

Now practicing from two regional locations; Warrnambool and Camperdown, we are proud to support the wider community by providing quality eyecare services that you can trust and rely on. We also strongly value our local communities and that is why we have such a great appreciation for the support we receive, as well as continuing to support other small businesses in these regions.

Our expert team of Optometrists conduct concise and thorough examinations, always explaining to our patients what we find through our testing, and that any vision needs are addressed straight away. This means that we can detect any problems that may be present, from an early stage, and begin to provide treatment solutions as soon as possible, helping to prevent further eye damage or other issues.

We have a passion for vision and how it affects people at all different stages in their lives. Our quality services and advanced optical technology are designed to meet the needs of all out patients from infants to young children, through to adults, in order to help them maintain the best quality of living possible.

We also encourage parents to use our services for children to help them learn and grow, making it a regular part of overall health care and begin instilling good eye health habits.

Our holistic approach, utilising behavioural optometry and vision training techniques, aids us to be able to suggest and implement solutions that will improve our patient’s quality of life.

We are providers of Medicare and HiCaps and also work with Victorian Eyecare and the Australian Government to ensure access to eyecare services is provided to all patients regardless of age or circumstance.

We believe that everyone has the right to access quality optometry services, and are committed to improving the eye health of every patient we see.

For an optometry team who really cares, look no further than Penry Routson.

For all of your eyecare and eyewear needs, we invite you to get in touch with our friendly team today. We look forward to seeing you!