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Lenses & Contact Lenses

Our Lenses

Penry Routson Optometrists is a proud supplier of HOYA Lens Australia, one of the largest premium optical lens manufacturers worldwide.

Since eye-glasses were invented, lens designs have been limited to a “one-size-fits all” model. HOYA recognises no two people see the world the same way and has developed an extensive portfolio with award-winning products and services to suit all individual needs and lifestyles.

Established in 1941 as Japan’s first manufacturer of optical glass, the company’s business has since expanded into Electronics, Photonics, Crystal and Vision Care, with organisations all over Europe, America, Asia and Australasia.

HOYA Lens Australia develop the best quality ophthalmic lenses to Opticians located within Australia and New Zealand. HOYA supplies a range of high quality products, including plastic and glass lenses and manufacture a wide range of lenses in single vision, multi-focal and bi-focal designs.  

CR Surfacing has been proudly Australian owned and operated since 1976. CR comes from the technical term CR-39, the special material that the first plastic optical lenses were made of in 1947,a much safer and lighter alternative to glass lenses. CR Surfacing was the first independent optical laboratory in Australia, that supplied plastic optical lenses, in an era when people were glass lenses in their spectacles.  

All our lenses come standard with:

  • Inbuilt 100% UV Light Protection.
  • Full Anti Scratch Coating.

We also supply speciality lenses:

  • Tints, or Transitions.
  • Anti-Reflective Coatings.
  • Blue Control.
  • High Index, to think down the lenses.
  • Aspheric, which makes the lenses flatter.
  • Polarised.
  • Sports and Snooker Frames.
  • Certified Safety Glasses.

Contact Lenses

Our Optometrists understand that there’s no such thing as one pair of contact lenses that suits everyone. For that reason we provide a comprehensive range of quality contact lenses designed to suit all your needs, and vision requirements. Our knowledgeable Optometrists will talk to you about your options and help you choose the contact lenses that suit you best.